Smart Home Extensions in Melksham SN12

There are many reasons why you may wish to have an increased Melksham property, especially with the modern approach to working from home, be that hybrid or remote working. Other reasons for wanting to increase your space could be expanding your family, retirement, and needing room for a workshop or studio.   

SMART ROOMS provide a revolutionary solution to Melksham properties with a considerable lack of space; Smart Rooms. The innovative Smart Room is an affordable and efficient alternative to costly brick extensions or the process of selling your property and buying another.  

We service across Melksham SN12 and the surrounding areas, including Bowerhill, Norrington Common, Broughton Gifford, Shaw, Forest, and Sandridge. We have built an excellent reputation for quality craftsmanship and top customer service.   

Smart Rooms can come in the shape of conservatories, orangeries, garden rooms, outbuildings and more in Melksham. It is well known that conservatories and orangeries bring a wealth of light and space. However, there are also known tales of conservatories being too hot in the summer and freezing in the winter. This is not the case with Smart Rooms and their unique SIPs makeup.   

Smart Rooms offer our SIP building services, SIP Garden Rooms and SIP Garden offices across Somerset, Wiltshire, including Bath, Trowbridge and Bradford on Avon

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SIP Smart Rooms in Melksham SN12

Smart Rooms are revolutionary in their construction as they are fabricated from SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels). Like a puzzle, these SIPs are placed together on-site in Melksham, after being made separately off-site.   

The quick and efficient construction on-site in your Melksham property leaves behind no mess and little interruption. In no time, you’ll have clean, stylish and highly practical Smart Rooms ready to decorate and utilise to your personal tastes and needs.   

SIPs are incredibly versatile and can be configured in numerous arrangements on your Melksham property. Not only are SIPs used for creating walls, but they’re also used in the construction of floors and ceilings, creating complete 360° efficiency.   

SIPs are created with minimal waste, with all the materials used in the manufacturing process being fully sustainable and recyclable. SIPs require much less energy needed to make and construct, unlike their counterparts; steel and masonry.   

Not only are SIPs energy efficient in their construction, but they are also thermally efficient in their design. The durable lightweight panels of polyurethane are sandwiched between an outer coating of OSB (orientated strand board) and harvested from sustainable spruce.

SIP Garden Offices Melksham SN12

It can be increasingly difficult to get any meaningful work done at home, especially when you have distractions such as children playing, household chores in the corner of your eye or the simple need of wanting to create boundaries.

Garden office Smart Rooms built from SIPs are an excellent solution to the lack of space and possible distractions, creating a separate focused environment. Whether it’s a traditional office with desks, monitor screens and office storage or a contemporary studio with large tabletops and plenty of storage, SMART ROOMS are here to help. Smart Rooms can be fully wired, as well as heated. Create a space just for you with SIP Garden Offices.

Smart Rooms offer our SIP building services, SIP Garden Rooms and SIP Garden offices across Somerset and Wiltshire, including Bath, TrowbridgeBradford on Avon, Melksham, Devizes, Lyneham, and Calne.

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