Smart Rooms offers an affordable solution to your extra space requirements. We build and create all year-round habitable spaces.

Our buildings are created using the most advanced materials ensuring you have a fabulous space that is warm and dry, ecologically sound and energy-efficient.

We can design and build extra rooms, office spaces, bedrooms, orangeries, garden rooms, extended kitchens and roomier living spaces.  In fact, our Smart Rooms are heralded as ‘bridging the gap between extensions and conservatories’.

We use cutting-edge design to tailor make solutions based on our customers’ individual requirements.  Compared to traditional building methods, our products are much more affordable and the added space can add considerable value to your existing property.  And, due to the fact that we create our stunning and bespoke building designs using sustainably sourced materials which are constructed off-site and assembled on-site, we are able to dramatically reduce the time taken to complete the build.  This means that you can enjoy your new living space in a fraction of the time than traditional construction methods.


When it comes to a conservatory, most people think of a uPVC structure with double glazed windows and a glass roof.  

‘Conservatory’ is actually a term which is commonly used to refer to a huge range of structures with differing styles and materials involved in their construction.  

Often regarded as a cheaper way of extending a home, conservatories do in fact offer the opportunity for home owners to gain higher levels of valuable space in their properties. 

Conservatories are no longer reserved purely for summertime use – with modern heating systems and the use of more efficient insulation materials, conservatories offer a comfortable space all year round.

This means that extra floor space in the home makes the property feel so much more ‘roomy’. 


An Orangery is similar in style to a traditional conservatory except that the structure is often built to a higher (roof) level and will typically have a flat roof with glazed ‘lantern’ windows allowing natural light to flood in.  As such, an orangery is more akin to an extension than a conservatory.

We offer a full design service to create both traditional and modern styles of orangeries that will both complement and enhance your property.

Garden Rooms

Despite what it sounds like, a Garden Room isn’t actually a stand alone building located in a garden.  A garden room is part of the house which has been designed specifically with the intention of extending the living space into the garden area.  

Typically, garden rooms have large areas of the walls glazed and, more commonly in recent years, sliding or folding doors which allow for easy access to outside areas.  A garden room will normally have a solid pitched roof which may include a skylight for added natural light.


At Smart Rooms, we are able to design and construct any kind of stand-alone building you may need.  We are able to design anything from external offices or work spaces, additional garages, self-contained holiday annexes and/or additional bedrooms.  

If you simply want a covered living area away from the main part of your building, get in touch to discuss your needs and we will be happy to provide a quality solution.

Folding & Sliding Doors

Over recent years, advances in product development has meant that both the choice and quality of doors have increased.  We are able to source sliding doors, swing doors, bifold doors and standard doors from a range of suppliers and integrate them into the design of your building to deliver stylish and easy access to your outdoor space.  

All options come in a range of finishes to suit the style of your property.  We can recommend the best option to suit your specific requirements, so get in touch with us today.